Maggie Valley Creeks, Streams and Waterfalls


Soco Falls is the convergence of two creeks.


Maggie Valley is the head of the French Broad River Basin. Being west of the Eastern Continental Divide, all water flows west to the Pigeon River, Little Tennessee River, Tennessee River, Mississippi and eventually into the Gulf of Mexico. Numerous creeks feed Jonathan creek which starts just off Highway 19 at Soco Gap. It joins Laurel Branch in Black Camp Gap then flows through Maggie Valley. Jonathan Creek is stocked and one of only a few Heritage Trout Waters in North Carolina Haywood County Trout Streams Haywood Waterways website


The closest waterfall to Maggie Valley is Soco Falls located just off Hwy 19 on the Cherokee/Jackson County side of the Blue Ridge Parkway. There is a small parking area on the side of the road and the waterfall is just a short stroll from the parking area. At the end of the trail is a wooden observation platform.


Other waterfalls can be found on hwy 276 on the way up to the blue ridge parkway and on the Brevard side of the parkway. For more information on waterfalls click here.


WARNING: Although beautiful to see, waterfalls can be very dangerous. Every year people fall TO THEIR DEATH after a slip on wet rocks above and around the falls. Never climb around waterfalls or play in the water above a waterfall, or allow pets to roam freely. Stay on the established trails and enjoy the view from the overlooks.